More flexibility at work equals better health, new study confirms

As scientists examine the flexible future of work, more and more studies are confirming that letting employees set where and when they work promotes health and happiness, including the latest analysis of Best Buy’s ROWE experiment out of the University of Minnesota.

Hulu Bad For the Net, Video Still Not Clogging It

Hulu is a problem. So argues a paper by University of Minnesota Professor Dr. Andrew Odlyzko, who says that video isn’t actually clogging the Net right now, but that streaming video content is such an inefficient way of getting video from one place to another that sites should find better options, such as faster-than-real-time streaming and buffering. The goal of the paper is to counter carrier assurances that they will protect video even without any mandated Network Neutrality. Odlyzko argues that such assurances might lead to special video pathways, but that’s not the Internet the market wants and needs.

Aside from Odlyzko’s attack on streaming, which he says comprises 9.6 percent of total web traffic during evening hours and has grown 169 percent year over year, the largest part of the paper is devoted to data that supports his conclusions that content, such as Internet radio and video, is worth less than connectivity such as voice or Twitter. People don’t pay for content, they pay for connectivity, says Odlyzko. Read More about Hulu Bad For the Net, Video Still Not Clogging It