MetroPCS rejiggers its plans again, restoring $60 unlimited tier

The $60 unlimited talk, text and data plan is back, but MetroPCS has removed some of the perks. No more Rhapsody and unlimited video and audio downloads for MetroStudio included. But for most customers the restored plan is still a much better deal.

Data hogs rejoice! T-Mobile brings back the unlimited data plan

T-Mobile is reinstating the unlimited plan for smartphones with just one restriction: you can’t use your phone as a hotspot. Anything else is fair game. T-Mobile insists that the new policy is viable business model, despite what AT&T and Verizon say to the contrary.

Why are MVNOs so hot right now? Thank the carriers

Mobile virtual network operators are sprouting up like crazy all over the U.S. after becoming nearly extinct a few years ago. Why the renaissance? According to two of those new virtual operators, GSM Nation and TIng, the big carriers are finally letting MVNOs spread their wings.

Why buy a Sprint iPhone? Unlimited data, even for LTE iPhones

Apple hasn’t confirmed an LTE version of its iPhone, but Sprint has confirmed that if such a device launches, the carrier would keep its unlimited data plans. That may be a big differentiating factor when at least 3 of 4 U.S. carriers offer LTE iPhones.

France’s Wi-Fi gates swing open: Free Mobile activates 4M hotspots

France’s Free Mobile launched with enormous hoopla in January, but it sat on a key component of its innovative mobile strategy until today. Free has opened up 4 million Wi-Fi hotspots to its smartphone customers, creating the world’s largest carrier-run mobile data offload network.

AT&T clears up when “unlimited” plans hit the brakes

If you’ve managed to keep your unlimited mobile data plan with AT&T, you’ve finally got some clarity on when AT&T will slow down your data speeds. Most customers will trigger the brakes at 3GBs of data in a month, while LTE customers get 5GBs a month.

Republic Wireless goes unlimited – this time for real

Republic Wireless is dropping the “so-called” from its so-called unlimited data plan, revealing that it has lifted all restrictions on smartphone Internet use. While Republic’s customers are sure to be happy, let’s see how long it lasts. Unlimited is a hard business model to make work.

Another unlimited mobile data plan bites the dust

The unlimited mobile data plan is going the way of the dodo. Bring-your-own-phone carrier H2O Wireless canceled its unlimited smartphone plan after just two months. How long before Sprint and the rest of the holdouts are forced to do the same?

Don’t panic, AT&T iPhone 4S buyers: You can keep unlimited data

There’s a mild uproar spreading among AT&T iPhone 4S customers who are running into the apparent loss of their grandfathered unlimited data plans when upgrading to the iPhone 4S online. Don’t worry, it isn’t AT&T trying to screw you; it’s just isn’t great at UX design.