New Netflix iOS app capitulates to bandwidth caps

Carriers like Verizon and AT&T are trying to convince Netflix to pay for the bandwidth its subscribers consume on their networks. Rather than fork over the money, Netflix is giving its iPhone customers the option of turning off cellular access to Netflix completely.

Sprint can barely wait to rid itself of Nextel network

For the first time in six years, Sprint’s aging Nextel and wireline businesses didn’t overwhelm all positive gains from its primary CDMA business in its quarterly results. Still, Sprint is anxious to shed the Nextel albatross and Wednesday detailed its plans to shut down iDEN.

Sprint: Unlimited still means unlimited

Sprint is walking back comments from CEO Dan Hesse on Thursday about Sprint throttling data speeds of its heaviest data users. At a conference Thursday, Hesse clearly stated Sprint was reining in bandwidth for its greediest smartphone customers, but Sprint maintains unlimited remains unlimited.

There are limits to Sprint’s unlimited plan, after all

At an analyst conference, Sprint CEO let slip a change in Sprint’s data policies that could have a big impact on iPhone and other smartphone customers lured in by Sprint’s unlimited plans: the carrier has been throttling back speeds to the heaviest consumers of smartphone data.

Another unlimited mobile data plan bites the dust

The unlimited mobile data plan is going the way of the dodo. Bring-your-own-phone carrier H2O Wireless canceled its unlimited smartphone plan after just two months. How long before Sprint and the rest of the holdouts are forced to do the same?