Nokia would like you to know that it’s “up to something”

Nokia — the remaining phone-free Finnish firm, not the handset business that Microsoft bought and recently renamed — has something in store for us. In a Monday tweet teasing the unveiling of “something” on Tuesday at the Slush Festival in Helsinki, Nokia showed off a black box with the company’s familiar logo on the top. All very mysterious, especially considering that, while the company has hinted at a return of its brand to consumer goods, it appeared to do so in the context of brand licensing. The remaining bits of Nokia deal with location-based services and mapping, network equipment and advanced materials research. The black box in that picture doesn’t look like any of those.

Samsung’s new Galaxy may be its big entry into NFC payments

Samsung will take the wraps off its latest Galaxy handset at an event in London on May 3. You’re all thinking this will be the Galaxy S III, and you’re probably right, but there may be more to this event than a mere smartphone unveiling.