Jawbone is now selling smart home hubs and other connected goods

Jawbone launched Jawbone Marketplace on Wednesday, a site that lets users purchase devices and services that take advantage of Jawbone’s fitness tracking and data syncing capabilities.

Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman said at Gigaom’s Structure Connect conference last year that he’d like to see Jawbone Up become a platform that other companies can built on top of. Jawbone Marketplace is an obvious step in that direction.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.14.04 AM

Jawbone Marketplace will be primarily available through the web. Right now, it looks like a store selling a selection of popular connected products, including SmartThings Kit and Whistle, a dog tracker. It also includes virtual personal training apps from companies like Kiqplan, Fitocracy, and MapMyFitness.

Although you’ll be able to browse the Jawbone Marketplace through Jawbone’s in-app “App Gallery,” you’ll be sent to Jawbone’s website to complete the purchase. The products and services on Jawbone Marketplace are not cheap — Kiqplan’s “Slim and Trim” weight loss assistant is the least expensive at $19.99. Prices go all the way up to $199 for the SmartThings Kit.

Notably, none of these services require an Up device, but according to Jawbone, “the experience is made better if you have one.” Jawbone Marketplace products can work with the free step-tracking Up app. The Jawbone Marketplace includes information on how Up integration benefits these various services and devices, all of which are available on their own.

jawbone marketplace

For instance, Orange Chef, a smart food scale and app, can sync its food logs into the Up app. Whistle, a dog tracker that gained Jawbone integration last year, can connect to the Jawbone app so users can see their dog’s activity next to their own.

Some hardware that integrates with Jawbone are notably absent from Jawbone Marketplace. For instance, Nest works with Jawbone Up24 to set your home’s temperature while you sleep, but you can’t purchase a Nest from Jawbone Marketplace.

The full list of Jawbone Marketplace partners is below:

  • Automatic Accessory
  • LoseIt! Scale
  • Orange Chef Prep Pad
  • SmartThings Kit for Jawbone
  • Whistle Activity Monitor
  • Kiqplan
  • Fitocracy
  • FitStar
  • MapMyFitness MVP Membership
  • Sleepio

The part of wearables that geeks forget about: not looking like a tool

The emergence of wearables — connected devices you wear on your body — is sweeping big tech companies like Google and Apple, as well as startups like Misfit Wearables. But if the devices are just plain dorky-looking they’re going to struggle to break into the mainstream.

After being down, Jawbone’s UP gets back up again

Jawbone is coming back to the market with a brand new (and much improved) version of its much maligned UP wearable device that tracks your personal data including time spent walking. This time, it faces considerable challenge from Nike’s increasingly popular, Fuelband.

Jawbone pauses UP production to fix bugs, offers refund

Jawbone’s UP wristband endured some glitches and bugs that have marred its launch and prompted some reviewers to withhold their full blessing. Now, the company is addressing those concerns by identifying the problems, pausing production while it fixes them and offering a money back guarantee to consumers.

Apple at the Oscars

Swapping turtleneck for tuxedo, Steve Jobs (s aapl) made a rare public appearance when he took to the red carpet at the Academy Awards last night, spotted first by eagle-eyed social media maven Wayne Sutton who posted to his blogOMG it’s Steve Jobs! I’m the only one yelling at him! #oscars #kodakredcarpet

Sutton doesn’t mention whether his yells went unnoticed by His Steveness, but he posted a fantastic snapshot of the event to his blog — take a look and see if you can spot El Jobso for yourself (it’s not immediately easy to find him in the crowd, but once you see him, he’s hard to miss!)

Image courtesy of Wayne Sutton

The Theme Begins (Prequel to The Oscar Theme)

Now why would the normally shy and retiring Steve Jobs be at the Academy Awards Oscar ceremony? Well, he is the largest individual shareholder in the Walt Disney Company, to whom he sold Pixar Animation Studios in 2006. Pixar is the legendary computer animation studio responsible for the box office hits Toy Story and Finding Nemo (to name only two of many others) and its latest CG offering, Up, was nominated for an impressive five Academy Awards (and was the first Pixar film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture).
On the night, Up received two of those Oscars; Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score. Steve didn’t take to the stage to receive the awards, but I’m sure he was grinning from ear to ear like a proud father at his child’s first music recital. Read More about Apple at the Oscars

Disney’s Iger Shows Up The Street

uphomeWalt Disney used to say, “We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.” It’s good to see that ethos is still alive and well at Walt Disney Co. (s DIS). When a bunch of Wall Street analysts and toy retailers expressed doubts about the financial potential of Disney’s new Pixar movie, Up, CEO Robert A. Iger told The New York Times:

We seek to make great films first. If a great film gives birth to a franchise, we are the first company to leverage such success. A check-the-boxes approach to creativity is more likely to result in blandness and failure.

Well said. It is easy to fall prey to a “check the boxes” approach and veer away from the core beliefs and values of your company. If that happens, you’re left with forgettable products that lack vision.