Verizon subscribers: check to see if you have an early upgrade

Carriers are fiercely competing for new iPhone customers and the lucrative two-year contracts that come with them. The latest carrier deal comes from Verizon, which confirmed to Gigaom that all existing postpaid customers who would be eligible for an upgrade before November 15th can now take advantage of their upgrade starting today. That means that some customers will be able to purchase a $200 iPhone 6 with a two-year contract after 22 months, instead of the customary 24. This promotion doesn’t just work with the iPhone either — it works with Android devices as well, such as the LG G3 or the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Tiny T-Mobile isn’t so tiny anymore

T-Mobile is growing again, and not just from its merger with MetroPCS. With 44 million connections T-Mobile is filling out its seat in the country’s Top 4. Before too long it might even start challenging Sprint.

T-Mobile completes iPhone-friendly upgrade in 23 cities

Chicago, Reno, and the LA burbs join Atlanta, Minneapolis and Seattle as the newest areas of the country where an iPhone will work on T-Mobile’s 3G network. T-Mo is now about one-third of the way from completing its nationwide HSPA+ overhaul.

Verizon: You can keep unlimited — if you buy your own phone

Verizon Wireless apparently isn’t done talking about its controversial plan to phase out “grandfathered” unlimited data plans, issuing a statement Thursday explaining the new policy. What it boils down to is this: You can keep unlimited, but don’t expect Verizon to subsidize your device.

The iPhone 4S upgrade decision: 4 things to consider

So the iPhone 4S is real and arriving Friday, Oct. 14, with pre-orders beginning this Friday, Oct. 7. That doesn’t give you much time to figure out whether or not to upgrade, if you want to be an early adopter. We’re here to help.

How and when to reset your Mac’s PRAM and SMC

There are times when your Mac will just start misbehaving. Video settings getting reset, fans start running at full speed, and more. This often happens after an upgrade like Lion. There are many possible fixes, but if everything fails, try resetting your PRAM or SMC.