Urban Airship puts SimpleGeo to use with location-based messaging

Almost a year after buying location data provider Simple Geo, app messaging platform Urban Airship is now putting its acquisition to work with a new Location Messaging Service that lets developers incorporate current and historical location data to better target in-app push notifications.

Urban Airship prepares for its Super Bowl moment

Urban Airship is investing big in its infrastructure, scaling its push messaging platform to deliver 100,000 messages a second. As Airship begins to refine push marketing to take into account location, time and context, it’s becoming critical it deliver notifications in volume and in real time.

Sybase 365 teams with Urban Airship to offer push messaging

Sybase 365, one of the largest providers of SMS and MMS messaging, is getting into the push notification business through a partnership with Urban Airship. Sybase 365 will be able to offer enterprise customers app-based push messaging that should help them continue to engage their consumers.

Verizon, Salesforce lead $15.1M investment in Urban Airship

Urban Airship, a push notification and mobile development service provider, is enjoying a huge lift from the growth in mobile and has now pulled in $15.1 million in a Series C Round led by Salesforce.com and Verizon. It’s looking to become a one-stop mobile engagement platform.

Mobile delivery bugaboos: Litigation, fragmentation, latency

Forget Google and the other web giants. What content delivery specialists like Appcelerator, Cotendo and Urban Airship really worry about is the growing fragmentation of the web software stack they work with and potentially crippling patent litigation that makes everyone nervous.

Urban Airship hits 5B notifications as engagement reigns

For mobile developers looking to engage their users, push notifications have become a key tool in drawing users back into apps. Notification provider Urban Airship told me it has hit 5 billion push notifications since it delivered its first message a little over two years ago.

Engagement Wars: To Pull Users Back, Apps Push Notifications

With recent mobile app store changes forcing developers to emphasize more engagement in their apps, it’s highlighting the importance of push notifications, which can be key tools in retaining users and keeping them involved in an app.