nets $4M for social data monitoring platform has secured $4 million in Series A funding. is probably best known to most people for its URL shortening service, but the San Francisco-based startup says it’s actually rooted in a deeper software platform attached to those shortened links that provides analytics tools. Create Short URLs With Your Own Domain

As Twitter has rapidly risen to dominate the real-time web, related applications and services have also come to prominence; many in the field of URL shortening. Foremost amongst these is, which today released a Pro edition of the service.

Flickr4Twitter: Send Photos to Twitter and Flickr

Twitter’s most powerful — and largely unintended — success has been the ecosphere of third-party clients, applications, extensions and plugins that the service has enabled. One of the most ubiquitous extensions is Twitpic, a service that lets users post photos directly from their phones and computers to the web. Twitpic has enabled a form of photo-journalism that’s immediate and direct, but the service itself remains unsophisticated, lacking tools for analytics, location, sharing, archiving or metadata.

I have always wanted to post my Twitter photos to an existing, richer photo sharing site: Flickr (s yhoo). Recently, I’ve been trying out Steven Haddox‘s Flickr4Twitter, a service that does just that — and should be useful for budding photojournalists, nano-bloggers and celebrity spotters with Read More about Flickr4Twitter: Send Photos to Twitter and Flickr

VLC: An Excellent Media Player (Finally) Turns 1.0.0

vlc_media_playerThere’s nothing worse than a video player that won’t play all of your video files. That’s why I’ve long been a fan of the free VLC media player: It plays back just about every kind of file you can throw at it. And, finally, several years after the first version was released, VLC media player is now available in version 1.0.0. If you’ve never used VLC, now is the time to start.

VLC media player is an open-source application from VideoLAN that runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. (For a full list of supported OSes, see VideoLAN’s site.) You may not think you need an application to play back videos, with so much browser-based content available these days, but downloading VLC is a no-brainer if you want to watch any kind of offline content, whether that’s stuff you download (legally, ahem, or not) or even DVDs you pop into your computer.

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ReadBurner’s BurnURL Fires Up Social Web Sharing

It’s easy to understand why URL-shortening tools such as TinyURL and are popular on the social web. For web workers, the ability to quickly absorb, organize, package, and redistribute information is a critical and demanding task. BurnURL, a new service produced by ReadBurner (first mentioned here, and currently awaiting relaunch), seeks to add value to this process by making it easy to allow people you’re sharing with to do additional sharing.

It’s a matter of reducing the steps to the bare minimum in order to allow a piece of content to “go viral.” BurnURL does its part by with something called the “ShareBar.”

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