U.K. survey finds many iPads getting limited use

An interesting new survey out of the U.K. finds that a significant number of iPads may not be getting as much use as you might expect. How often do you use your iPad? According to the new survey, it’s possible more than a quarter of you answered once a week or less.

Apple’s mobile market share climbs in September

Apple’s iOS once again dominated the mobile OS market share picture in September, according to new data from Net Applications. The enterprise application maker and web monitoring company found that iOS accounted for 54.65 percent of mobile market share, up from 53 percent in August.

Is Twitter Like Speech or Like Writing? The Answer Is Yes

Is Twitter like a spoken conversation, the kind you would have with friends in a bar? Or is it like a written discussion? One of the things that can make Twitter hard to define is that it can be both of those at the same time.

InsomniMac: What’s Keeping Your Mac Up at Night

I’ve found that while this past year has been great for Apple and Apple users, it hasn’t been so great for my Apple computer. My Mac Pro has been up almost every night this year, and it doesn’t look like it can rest any time soon.

iPhone Dominating Worldwide Smartphone Usage: Report

The iPhone is still doing tremendously well, in case all this buzz around Google’s (s goog) new Nexus One had you thinking otherwise. A new report by Google’s own recent acquisition AdMob says as much. The report details smartphone usage globally over the last quarter of 2009, as determined by requests made by devices for ads on AdMob’s extensive mobile advertising network.

Worldwide, the iPhone accounts for more than half of the total overall smartphone usage. It’s worth noting that doesn’t necessarily mean that the iPhone’s actual market share is double that of all other companies combined, only that iPhone owners use their devices much more than the owners of any of its competitors do. Read More about iPhone Dominating Worldwide Smartphone Usage: Report

Turning Social Media Into Sociable Media

sociableSometimes I wonder if it’s just me, but I think it’s fair to say that a widely-experienced byproduct of social media engagement is social media disengagement. I’ve encountered it in BBS’s, forums, message boards, with IM clients, on MySpace, Facebook, and now, most recently, on Twitter. I was exasperated with FriendFeed before I even gave it a proper try, though it looks like I’ll have a second chance now that Facebook’s acquired it and will probably be integrating some of its features. It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with any of the services themselves, it’s just that my attention span is fleeting and their novelty wears off quickly.
When the honeymoon is over, I’m left with a well-developed network of connections, but little desire to interact with said connections, or even to find out about updates and changes to features of the service in question. At some point, it’s probably a good idea to throw off the obligations of the old in favor of the new flavor of the month, but disengaging with a social media site before it’s the right time to put it out to pasture could result in hurt friendships, burnt bridges and missed opportunities. Read More about Turning Social Media Into Sociable Media

How Are You Using iPhone Apps?

Last week, Pinch Media released some interesting statistics about App Store usage in a presentation, now available online.

In short, they’ve found that while free apps are downloaded like crazy, active use drops off fast. Paid apps tend to see more use after installation and are used for longer periods. If it’s a paid game, all the better.

Long before he stopped using his iPhone altogether, Om raised similar questions on GigaOM regarding app usage.

Does your own iPhone usage support this data?

Read More about How Are You Using iPhone Apps?