A new USB connector is on the way and it will work either way round, Lightning-style

One big advantage of Apple(s aapl)’s Lightning connectors over industry-standard Micro-USB (technically “Micro-B”) connectors is that they can go either way up – you don’t need to look first to see which way to insert it. Perhaps with that in mind, as well as the rise of thinner devices, the USB Implementors Forum said (PDF) on Tuesday that a new Type-C connector will offer the same benefit and more. It will be agnostic not only about orientation but also cable direction, and will be around the same size as today’s Micro-B connectors – prepare to say goodbye to the existing USB plug form factor after the specification is finalised in mid-2014.

Cufflinks double as USB drive, Wi-Fi hotspot

The next time you struggle to buy a gift for the man with everything, consider a $250 set of cufflinks he likely doesn’t have. These aren’t just any old ones; how about a pair that doubles as a 2 GB flash drive and Wi-Fi hotspot?

USB stick plus monitor equals an Android computer

I doubt mobile computing will evolve to computers on a USB stick for most people, but this prototype is intriguing. Thanks to an HDMI port, the stick — which has the guts of a smartphone — connects to a monitor for standalone computer use.

Smartphones, tablets changing in-flight entertainment

Wireless Internet access on planes is helping to make those long flights bearable, but so too are the influx of personal media devices such as smartphones and tablets. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to buy content in-flight and take it with you after landing!

Is a tablet with a keyboard really a tablet?

After debuting at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, the ASUS Eee Pad Slider is nearing a release. An Australian blogger has one of the first units and shares his impressions. I’m not sold that many folks will want the extra weight and bulk of an integrated keyboard.