Adaptive Path iPad app provides great UX for great UX talks

User experience design firm Adaptive Path released its own dedicated iPad app on Monday, and guess what: It provides a terrific user experience. Great content also helps, as the app contains more than a hundred talks from user experience experts from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Apple multitouch patent is all about UX lock-in

Apple won a significant victory last week when it was awarded a key patent related to basic multitouch functionality. It was called too broad by many, and raised the specter of pitched legal drama. It’s definitely a key victory for Apple, but why?

iPad Usability Study Reveals What We Do and Don’t Like In Apps

iPad users aren’t stingy with their devices, according to a new usability report by the Nielsen Norman Group focusing on Apple’s tablet. iPad owners tend to share with their household, and they also have very particular tastes about what they do and don’t like in apps.

Chromebook PR Reveals a More People-Pleasing Google

The Chromebook emphasis on user experience reflects a bit of a departure for Google, which has faced criticism in the past for focusing more on algorithms and engineering than on the people using their products.

Can Great Hardware Alone Sell a Smartphone?

The definition of a smartphone varies, depending on who you ask. Some think if you can install apps on the device, it’s a smartphone, while others claim it must have an advanced operating system. One company has steadfastly clung to its own definition of a smartphone.

Mobilize: Thinking Experientially: User Experience Panel

We just finished a panel on mobile user experience with some excellent ideas about specific opportunities for startups to build mobile software. Here’s the rough transcript:

Thinking Experientially panel at Mobilize.

Thinking Experientially panel at Mobilize.

Dylan Tweney, Gadget Lab, (moderator): Invoking the iPhone. The iPhone interface is beautiful. There it is…(Introduces panelists):

Jason Devitt, CEO, Skydeck
Jyri Engestrom, Entrepreneur, Google
Rachel Hinman, Mobile Design Strategist, Adaptive Path
Jeff Taylor, director of global marketing and product strategy, Hutchison Whampoa

Hinman: At its essence really what makes user experience is if your product is serving some sort of fundamental human need. Feature creep and loss of coherence come out of losing sight of serving needs.

Tweney: But some of good user experience is need creation, like Twitter and Jaiku and iPod.

Hinman: Confusing need with solution — Twitter came out of fascination with status. Read More about Mobilize: Thinking Experientially: User Experience Panel