What Thunderbolt Means for End Users

Apple and Intel took the wrappers off of Thunderbolt Thursday, a new connection technology that combines data transfer and video output capabilities. But what can new MacBook Pro owners actually expect to do with this impressive new technology, now and in the future?

Tip: Reuse That Old PC With Your New Mac

Now that you’ve switched from PC to Mac, what do you do with the PC? Surprisingly, that old PC might be a great accessory for your Mac. Pull that old PC out of the trash and make it submit to the power of your Mac.

Mac of All Trades: 4 Ways to Extend Your Mac

Aside from being a fantastic computer and girlfriend/boyfriend substitute,  your Mac is capable of some pretty amazing things.  In fact, whenever I have a problem that needs solving or a gap that needs filling, I turn first to…well, first to buying things, but once I realize (yet again) that I have no money, I turn to my MacBook. Here are a few of the more unexpected and useful ways you can put your Mac to work.

Stereo Receiver

I have multimedia speakers, one of the many Logitech 5.1 sets that seem to be deeply discounted at Best Buy at least once or twice every few weeks. They produce great sound considering how cheap they were, but they don’t have a remote and my TV clicker doesn’t control external speakers. Having to stand up and walk to the rear right speaker constantly to adjust the volume makes me feel like I’m trapped in the 1950s, and not in the good, “Those were the days” kind of way.
Light bulb: I can control the volume on my MacBook via remote, and it has both line-in and line-out ports (mini-TOSLINK compatible ones).  The problem, however, is that OS X doesn’t natively channel sound directly from input source to output.
With the help of some Google prospecting, I found LineIn, a simple freeware application that enables playthrough and does so very well.  Setup was a breeze, and with the help of a couple cables (RCA to mini-stereo for TV to Mac, mini-stereo to mini-stereo for Mac to speakers) I was once again in full control sitting comfortably on the couch.
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