5 cleantech trends to watch in 2014

From continued growth for the internet of things to regulatory headaches for the share economy, there’s much to watch for in cleantech in the coming year.

Why carriers need to treat developers more like partners

“Operators treat partners like vendors.” That quote comes form Google director of global android partnerships John Lagerling, who said it at a Dublin conference where it was captured by Light Reading. It’s a telling statement — one that sums up a big problem facing the wireless industry.

Cosmos: A useful free 3-in-1 software utility for Androids

Looking for a basic Android battery optimizer, trash cleaner and a very informative security function that monitors third-party application permissions? Check out Cosmos, a free app that officially launches next week but is available now in a stable beta for Android 2.2 and up.

6 fears about electric cars that turn out to be false

Electric vehicles are a big worry for many utilities. After several interesting conversations with Europeans responsible for electric vehicle pilots in places like Denmark, Germany and Portugal, here are six frequent fears that I learned about that turn out to be false.

What utilities tell us about work and mobile broadband

Utilities will spend $3.2 billion this year in telecommunications services, but only a third is related to smart meters. A growing proportion will pay for mobile broadband for workers as part of a wider shift to thinking mobile broadband access is essential for productivity.

5 smart grid startups to watch via the Cleantech Open

The network of the smart grid is taking its sweet time to get deployed, but we still need smart applications to run over these networks once they are fully installed. Here are five smart-grid startups to watch via the Cleantech Open.

Google pulls the plug on PowerMeter energy tool

Google has officially pulled the plug on its web energy management tool PowerMeter. The project, which Google launched two years ago, just “didn’t catch on the way we would have hoped,” said Google.

Despite Bloom Energy deal, utilities see little fuel cell impact

While Bloom Energy scored a preliminary massive deal to sell fuel cells to Delaware utility Delmarva Power (subject to terms and regulatory approval), utilities in general are not all that interested in fuel cell technology, according to the latest report from consultants with Black & Veatch.