Spotify gives up on P2P technology for music streaming

Music subscription service Spotify is getting ready to switch its data delivery technology from P2P to a server-client model, according to a TorrentFreak report. Spotify has long been using P2P for its desktop client, but not for mobile and web listening, and it makes sense that the company is looking to streamline its data delivery as mobile usage grows and bandwidth prices continue to decline. With the shift, Spotify is also closing the book on a little-known part of its past: uTorrent creator Ludvig Strigeus started working for Spotify after he sold his company to BitTorrent Inc. That sale was facilitated by none other than Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, who briefly served as uTorrent’s CEO.

BitTorrent tests paid µTorrent Plus client

µTorrent users will soon be able to transcode their downloads and sync them with mobile and connected devices, thanks to a new µTorrent Plus client now going into limited alpha testing. Want to check it out yourself? We have some invite codes inside.

BitTorrent Releases uTorrent SDK

BitTorrent is embracing the web with a new SDK that makes it possible to develop web apps for its popular uTorrent client. Users will be able to install these apps within the client, and the company promises that the app ecosystem will be “completely open.”

uTorrent for Mac Ready for Download

uTorrent, known as one of the most popular and P2P file sharing clients for Windows, is coming to the Mac: A first 1.0 stable version is available now for download, and uTorrent maker BitTorrent Inc. is planing to soon offer feature parity between the two versions.

uTorrent Beta Comes With Streaming, Web Control

BitTorrent has been working tirelessly to add new features to its uTorrent client, including adding on-demand streaming and secure remote web access to the client’s browser. Those features are available to all users for download as part of a public beta of the file sharing client.

BitTorrent Aims for the Live Video Web

Watch out, and Ustream: BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen is working on a new P2P protocol, and it’s all about live streaming. BitTorrent Inc. announced the new protocol for the first time this week, and it could release a first implementation as early as this summer.

uTorrent and Vuze Enable Torrent Downloads On the Go

Both BitTorrent Inc. and Vuze released significant updates to their clients this week that include features to remotely control the applications from devices like the iPad or smartphones. BitTorrent Inc. also included a new protocol dubbed uTP into its flagship uTorrent client that could help to avoid network congestion issues.

Remotely controlling your BitTorrent downloads through a browser on your office PC or a mobile device isn’t exactly new; both uTorrent and Vuze have previously offered such functionality or supported access to it through third-party plug-ins. However, the process has been cumbersome in the past, and the new upgrades should help to make this function much more accessible.

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Vid-Biz: Comcast, uTorrent 2.0, Simpsons

Comcast/NBCU Announcement This Week? Two sides have reportedly reached a tentative deal wherein the cable company would own 51 percent of NBC Universal. (The New York Times)
uTorrent 2.0 to Be a Network Friendly BitTorrent Protocol; will eliminate the need for ISPs to throttle BitTorrent traffic because the protocol will be network-aware and will throttle itself. (TorrentFreak)
FOX to Do On-Air Scavenger Hunt for The Simpsons; during the week of Nov. 9 – 13, viewers can watch for Simpsons shout-outs, tributes and clues, and enter to win a prize package. (TV by the Numbers)
TV Networks Tuning In to Google Video Box Ads; the ad, which brings up video when clicked on, being used by The CW, ABC, and USA. (MediaWeek)
FiOS TV Growth Slowing Down; telco added 191,000 video subscribers, and is now at 2.7 million overall. (Multichannel News)
Can Twitter and Social Marketing Save the Movies? Revision3 CEO says his company was able to help Paranormal Activity become a hit by using social media in conjunction with Rev3’s shows and talent. (Jim Louderback)

Azureus Vuze, BitTorrent Losing to Market Leader uTorrent

uTorrent now commands 60 percent market share among BitTorrent clients that are available to file sharers, according to the latest numbers released this week by the Tribler P2P team at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.


That’s bad news for Azureus Vuze, which had been gaining, and the official client from BitTorrent — both of which lost over 20 percent of their share since last month, with BitTorrent’s client on a losing streak since June. In the “winner takes most” world of the Web, these numbers put uTorrent in a commanding lead. However, Transmission is growing at a rapid clip, posting nearly a 24 percent gain over September.

The Tribler team simply counted the client application reported by peers connected to a number of torrent swarms. What’s not clear is how the location, time, or selected torrents might have affected results — for instance, if Tribler was connecting from Delft, the results may be skewed toward European users.

All of which leaves this Vuze user wondering if he shouldn’t switch to uTorrent. Vuze’s attempts to position Azureus as a media platform and not just a torrent download application just seems to get in the way of sharing files.