What’s Next for Next Autoworks (Formerly V-Vehicle)?

The road hasn’t been easy for Next Autoworks (formerly V-Vehicle), which is backed by Google Ventures, T. Boone Pickens, and Kleiner Perkins. But the way forward has grown even rockier as legislators consider a proposal to shuffle around funds set aside for Next Autoworks’ project.

V-Vehicle 2.0: New Name, New CEO

It’s a new day for V-Vehicle, an auto startup with ambitions to produce low-cost efficient cars. The company has just taken two steps common among startups whose investors are unhappy and pushing for a restart: a new name — Next Autoworks Co. — and a new CEO.

Is Flash on Android “Shockingly Bad” or “Shockingly Great?”

After posting Kevin Tofel’s demo of the struggles he had with Flash-based video on his Nexus One mobile handset, we’ve received a ton of comments, including response videos from readers who showed their own experiences with Flash on Android mobile handsets. Here are just a few.

Everyone & Their Mom Are “Confident” of Auto DOE Loans

Execs at green car startups like to give the impression that hundreds of millions of dollars in DOE green car loans are just about to fill up their corporate bank accounts. For some, it could be true. For others, not so much.

Weekend Poll: Battle of the Boxes Edition

Apple is going to offer $0.99 TV show rentals for its revamped Apple TV, Google is betting on integrating a search bar with your cable content and Boxee has alsways had a really slick UI. So which box are you going to buy this fall?

Companies Should Treat Everyone Like Web Workers

Great companies make it easy for employees to do their jobs, whether they have a cubicle in the corporate headquarters, work out of a remote office or work from their home. By giving everyone remote participation options, you make everyone more productive.

Lady Gaga’s Alejandro Premieres on Vevo

The newest music video by pop music sensation/possible crazy person Lady Gaga is a darker spin on her signature “out there” style. While free of product placement (as well as eyeliner) it’s getting a perfectly-executed premiere courtesy of Vevo and YouTube.