Privacy Legislation’s Potential Impact on Online Media

Last week, the bipartisan Kerry-McCain bill proposed legislation on a Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights that would put the FTC in charge of policing the online collection, sharing and use of personal information. That has far-reaching implications for the online media business.

Sony Adds Machinima Studio To Playstation 3’s Home (Editor Not Included)

Confirming early reports from last week, Sony (s sne) just announced a machinima tool for use in PlayStation Home, the virtual world for its PS3 videogame console. Dubbed the “Living Room Stage Set” and selling for $4.99 in the PlayStation Home Mall starting today, it’s basically a virtual studio in a box, albeit one missing a key element.

The kit comes with an empty shooting stage that can be dressed as desired, ringed by a lighting system with customizable controls and multiple cameras for viewing the action with different angles and camera shots. There’s a backdrop that can be loaded with pre-set scenery (a beach, a cityscape, etc.) that also functions as a green screen, which you can use to composite your own video footage during the editing process. But here’s the catch: the Stage Set doesn’t come with internal recording tools or an editor.

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Exponential, an Online Ad Network, Cuts Jobs

[qi:011] In what is a sign of the times, online ad network Exponential has cut nearly eight percent of its staff as it prepares for what is shaping up to be a nuclear winter in the advertising business. The Emeryville, Calif.-based company runs and operates many digital advertising and marketing entities, though it is best known for its flagship ad network, TribalFusion.

We were tipped off about last week’s job cuts by one of our sources, and CEO and founder Dilip DaSilva confirmed the cuts this morning. In response to an emailed query, he said: “We decided to be proactive and make adjustments in anticipation of a downturn in the economy and advertising for 2009.” Exponential was launched in 2001 and is still an independent company; it has taken no venture capital backing. And according to DaSilva, it’s been profitable for every quarter for the last seven years. Read More about Exponential, an Online Ad Network, Cuts Jobs

Dude, Where’s My Ad?

Last week, Silicon Valley woke up to find itself caught in the death grip of the credit crunch. As to which sector is going to get hit the hardest, the consensus so far is: advertising. Continue Reading.