VantagePoint curbs cleantech fund raising due to lack of interest

One of the most aggressive cleantech investors, VantagePoint Capital Partners, has stopped raising its more recent billion dollar cleantech fund. Why? Lack of interest from limited partners, the investors that put money into VC funds. And that’s been an ongoing trend.

BrightSource actually raising $130M for solar thermal

Solar thermal company BrightSource is actually looking to raise $130 million, which is another $50 million over the amount it announced last month. The company makes solar thermal power plants which use mirrors and a boiler to produce electricity.

The Internet of Things and energy

In the cleantech and utility worlds, it’s called “the smart grid” and “energy efficiency.” In the broader tech realm, it’s called the “Internet of Things.” Let’s bring these two ideas together, because the Internet of Things will play a crucial role in making systems more efficient.

Wave-powered robots to monitor the oceans

A company called Liquid Robotics, which makes a wave-powered marine robot, took one step closer to world domination and announced it’s raised $22 million from Silicon Valley venture firm VantagePoint Capital Partners and oil and gas vendor Schlumberger.

Switch Shows Off Liquid-Cooled LED Bulb

Formerly called SuperBulbs, Switch Lighting is finally showing off its first set of commercial products, which are liquid-cooled LED bulbs that are meant to replace incandescent bulbs, at the lighting convention Lightfair this week.