Chips Work Hard for the Money, Just Like Everyone Else

Many venture firms shy away from investing in chip startups because of the inordinately high cost and risk involved relative to other sectors. But some firms are still determinedly pursuing silicon by backing wireless chips containing radios that can work on multiple types of networks.

Emerging Markets As Cutting Edge Tech Test Beds

A while ago, I had pointed out that the epicenter of the tech world had moved somewhere in the middle of South China Sea. The point was that most of the new innovations – Fiber, Ethernet 2.0 and Mobile – were being deployed first in Asia and other rapid-growth economies, mostly because of lack of legacy. The latest example is Boston-based software-defined radio start-up Vanu Inc., is working with IBM and using virtualization to lower the costs of network operations and increase spectral efficiency. Read More about Emerging Markets As Cutting Edge Tech Test Beds