Announcing Our Green:Net Launchpad 10 Winners

One of my favorite parts of last year’s Green:Net event was the launchpad section, where 10 companies that are using information technology to fight climate change launch themselves or new products. So I’m excited to announce this year’s 10 winners of the Green:Net2010 Launchpad.

5 Ideas for Greener Transit Gunning for MIT Prize

Early stage startups competing for the MIT Clean Energy Prize have a lot more than the $200,000 grand prize winnings on the line. Winning the annual contest also means a team, with students making up at least half of its members, will get a spotlight in front of big players who can help take a neat experiment to the next level — at last year’s award ceremony, winner Husk Insulation out of the University of Michigan had the attention of Google’s director of energy initiatives, Dan Reicher, the state energy and environmental affairs chiefs for Massachusetts, the CEO of utility NSTAR, and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu.
Today the MIT Clean Energy Prize has named the 24 semifinalists (hat tip Mass High Tech) who have a shot at winning the grand prize and basking in that spotlight in May. These teams — selected by a panel of judges from academia, industry and government — represent what the contest organizers see as “some of the most promising clean energy technologies and business ideas coming out of universities this year.”  What are the ideas for cleaning up the transportation sector? They range from renewable fuels to bike sharing tech. Here’s a look at the five teams that made the cut in the MIT Clean Energy Prize transportation category.
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