Google Maps navigates its way into Kia, Hyundai connected cars

Google’s mapping and local search data is making its way into more connected car platforms. Automakers aren’t quite ready to let us download Google Maps directly into our dashboards, but they’re definitely leaning more heavily on the search giant to power their nav systems.

Video: Nokia gets serious about vehicle navigation with Drive

Nokia’s latest version of its Drive software aims to emulate a full-feature embedded vehicle navigation systems, which leads me to wonder if Nokia has plans to get into the connected car market with a bring-your-own-maps strategy.

Chevy adopts a bring-your-own-maps approach to navigation

If you want in-dash vehicle navigation in your GM car, you pretty much have one choice, OnStar. But in the fourth quarter Chevy is launching an alternative to OnStar called BringGo that makes use of in-car connectivity to meld smartphone and dashboard navigation.

Move over Knight Rider: Nuance debuts a Siri for cars

Nuance wants you to converse with your car via the cloud. The speech recognition company already powers many of the voice technologies embedded into today’s automobiles, but today it unveiled Dragon Drive, which moves beyond simple voice commands into the realm of natural language understanding.