Uberpaper aims to kill the echo chamber of social news

Personalized algorithms and social recommendations are great for a lot of things. But when it comes to getting news, these technologies can create an echo chamber, where our existing beliefs are reflected back to us. Uberpaper, a new site from Dmitry Shapiro, wants to combat that.

Could SOPA fly if big media put skin in the game?

What if the answer to all the political theatre surrounding SOPA was an amendment forcing copyright holders to put their money where there mouths are? Some of SOPA’s terribly harsh penalties for infringement can stay, but making false allegations would cost accusers dearly.

Appeals court reaffirms DMCA defense in Veoh court victory

Veoh.com may be just a shell of its former self these days, but the video site and its former investors nonetheless scored another court victory against Universal Music this week. An appeals court reaffirmed the decision that Veoh is protected by the DMCA.

Five Questions With…7Robot CEO Sarah Szalavitz

You guys are lucky: Today’s Five Questions With… features a true new media big thinker. 7Robot founder/CEO Sarah Szalavitz discusses the potential power of 3-D printing, the problem with the term “transmedia” and how online video’s role in the digital marketplace has changed.

Vid-Biz: Blip.tv, Discovery, UMG-Veoh

Today on the Net: Blip.tv develops a new form of pre-roll ad that allows users to click and download content on other devices, Discovery promotes digital media head Bruce Campbell and the EFF files an amicus brief arguing that UMG’s Veoh lawsuit would thwart federal law.

Vid-Biz: Veoh-UMG, Broadcast Retrans, KickApps HTML5

Today on the Net: Universal Music Group’s appeal of the Veoh copyright infringement verdict could be a preview of Viacom’s appeal of the YouTube verdict, broadcasters are lobbying for government to stay out of retransmission discussions and KickApps added support for HTML5 in its App Studio.

Google’s Viacom Suit Legal Fees: $100 Million

On today’s investor relations call, Google CFO Patrick Pichette said that Google’s (s GOOG) years-long legal battle with Viacom cost a total of $100 million in legal fees. And the case never even went to trial.