MapR now supports YARN, puts HP Vertica on top of Hadoop

MapR is continuing along its path to Hadoop glory with new support for the YARN resource manager and a direct integration with the HP Vertica analytic database. In such a competitive space, every little edge matters.

Boston preps big kickoff for big data hub

Hack/reduce will launch its cool new work space near Cambridge’s Kendall Square on Thursday. The goal of the effort is to bring together the best big data people from private and public sectors and academia to train up the next generation of data scientists. gathers $750K seed money to staff up mobile analytics the startup that wants to supply the analytics platform for the mobile masses, netted $750,000 in new funding atop the $118,000 it already took in via TechStars. The investors include 500 Startups, Data Collective and SK Ventures, said co-founder Kyle Wild.

Does Zynga need to compete with Facebook on infrastructure?

Zynga is in a tricky position technologically thanks to its new frenemy status with Facebook. Zynga claims 240 million active users, and it wants a lot more, but scaling to those heights might require one heck of a computing infrastructure.

Boston is a database hub. Here are 5 startups to watch

The metro Boston area has good database DNA dating back to Digital’s Rdb. Those good genes are resurfacing in a fresh crop of database startups clustered in the area. Here are five hot database startups to watch in the Boston-Cambridge-Waltham nexus..

It’s not the big data, it’s the right data

Big data’s fine; the right data’s a game changer. Serial database entrepreneur Andy Palmer — who co-founded Vertica Systems and VoltDB — sees this massive amount of diverse big data as table stakes. The real, compelling value lies in “big analytics,” he says.

Why start up in Boston?

It may not be Silicon Valley but the Boston-Cambridge metro area has a lot going for it — infrastructure expertise, a deep talent pool, and VC funding. Facebook famously went elsewhere, but here’s why other local companies started here (and will stay put.)