Vdopia Brings Video Ads and Sponsorship to iPhone Apps

Leading Indian video advertising network Vdopia is coming to the U.S. via the iPhone. The San Jose, Calif.-based company today launched an iPhone-specific set of alternatives to the standard mobile costoday t-per-click advertising.

In the past, we’ve criticized video companies for putting all their eggs in the iPhone basket. That goes for Vdopia too, though the company already has a strong Indian business, reaching 100 million visitors per month with its web-based video ads. Vdopia founder Srikanth said he expected U.S. iPhone ads to account for 40 percent of the company’s bifurcated overall business within six months.

“The iPhone is a very visual medium, not like other mobile phones,” Kakani pointed out in a phone interview. So he thinks CPM-style ad units, like pre-roll video ads and persistent logo and banner overlays are a big opportunity. Vdopia’s video ads last 5-10 seconds and make use of the iPhone’s touchscreen to entice a user to interact further. Vdopia has 17 employees and investment from Nexus Capital. (Fair warning: only click through to its web site if you’re ready to get your rave on a little early this weekend; the autoplaying music overwhelms.) Update: New dedicated site for the iPhone stuff, called iVdopia, is here.


Keystream Inserts Ads Into Empty Spaces

Keystream came out of stealth mode today. The company has a new technology that can automatically place an advertisement within the blank space of a video.