jkOnTheRun review- Waterfield SleeveCase

Cimg0882All right, I admit I am addicted to finding the perfect case for my gear.  It’s a driving force that I’m helpless to fight, the desire to find the one case in the universe that fits both my gear and my needs exactly.  I recently reviewed the Fujitsu Tablet PC Bump Case for the P1610 and while I initially thought it would fit my needs perfectly the wheels soon began to come off the cart.  First of all, the P1610 didn’t fit well in the laptop pocket of the Booq bag while nestled in the Bump Case.  The case with device inside was just too thick and I began to fear I would damage the screen, which is totally unprotected in the Bump Case, which was strike number two against it.  Lastly, the P1610 is very difficult to remove from the case when I need to go into laptop configuration, and putting it back in is just as difficult.  Plus it catches on the PC Card eject button which I am afraid will eventually break off altogether.

The more I thought about a replacement the more I began to realize that what I needed was some sort of sleeve for the P1610 that would make it easy for me to carry around, especially indoors, and that would still fit inside the Booq bag for longer trips.  My quest would still be ongoing if I didn’t have the good fortune to overhear two people at the CES talking about gear bags.  One of them said "I hear the Waterfield bags are nice."  I don’t know who these people were but since I had never heard of Waterfield bags before earlier this week I decided to check them out.  I just received the Waterfield SleeveCase that fits the P1610 perfectly.  Is this my perfect bag?  Read on and see…

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H-P to Apple, lets call this whole iPod thing off

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that HP will stop reselling iPod. It was a bad idea to begin with, and now its over. HP accounted for about 5% of total iPod sales. HP will still distribute the iTunes software on its computers. It was a deal Carly did, and now that she is gone, so is the partnership. via Wall Street Journal

I want my Cell-TV

WirelessIQ: To paraphrase Mae West’s famous quip about a gun, “Is that a TV in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?” Seems like cell phone is becoming an unlikely savior for fast dying broadcast medium.