Microsoft commits to WebRTC – just not Google’s version

Microsoft has put its weight behind WebRTC, a plugin-free technology for voice and video communications in the browser. However, it proposed a different approach than the one currently favored by other browser vendors, and warned against implementing the technology before there’s a common standard.

BYOD didn’t kill Cisco’s tablet; it was a doomed idea

Citing employee preferences and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, Cisco(s csco) is no longer investing in the Cius Android(s goog) tablet it announced in 2010. I say bull: The product had “fail” written all over it and never gained traction for several reasons.

Elance adds video chat to its virtual workrooms

Elance recently introduced video chat to its users as a new feature embedded directly into the site. That will allow employers and contractors to have face-to-face communication without having to open a different application or video chat client.