Intel’s over-the-top compression

Depending on when Intel actually rolls out its planned new set-top box, it could be among the first service providers — OTT or otherwise — to deploy the new H.265 codec, which could give it some competitive advantages over other fixed-line OTT providers.

Putting the squeeze on video at CES

The new High Efficiency Video Coding standard can support much higher resolutions than H.264, making it possible to encode up to 8K video (7680 x 4320). But its biggest impact is likely to come from the huge improvement in compression efficiency it provides over current codecs.

Skyfire puts mobile video on a bandwidth diet for carriers

Skyfire is moving into high gear with the next iteration of its Rocket platform, a video compression technology solution for carriers, which brings a host of improvements that should be appealing to operators worried about an explosion in mobile video usage.