MIT’s wormhole could make a window for remote workers

There’s nothing like a face-to-face conversation, but that hasn’t stopped businesses and technologists from bridging the distance that separates us using telephones, video conferencing, fancy robots, and now wormholes, to give the illusion of being there. So what do these services need to succeed?

Kinect + Skype = Video Calling Magic

There may be many questions about Microsoft’s decision to buy Skype, but one thing is for sure: It can take video conferencing video calling to a whole different level, thanks to Kinect. If you watch these videos, you can easily imagine the future of video calls.

When to Use Video for Remote Team Communications

Does video really perform as well as face-to-face interaction? How does it compare to audio-only communication? Does it always outperform text-only channels like email? Let’s look at different types of tasks and see how video affects the work and communication quality experienced by remote teams.

5 Tips to Keep Online Meetings Moving

Some online meetings seem to drag on forever. You can’t even start edging for the door to get the point across to a particularly long-winded speaker, since he’s not going to be able see that subtle gesture.