Altia Systems makes video conferencing panoramic

Video conferencing is about to get more panoramic and interactive. Stealth startup Altia Systems is introducing a new system that stitches together video and creates a panoramic viewing experiences that viewers can zoom and interact with.

FaceTime over 3G? A bargain vs. carrier voice plans

At WWDC Apple unleashed FaceTime on the 3G network. While you would think a high-quality video chat service would be poison to consumers’ restricted data plans, there‚Äôs another way to look at it: Compared to what mobile operators charge for voice, FaceTime is really a bargain.

Airtime: not enough there to make me care

Today’s launch event for Airtime, the Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning social video chat service, was a good representation of the product it was showcasing: the star-studded event was not well planned and showy without enough depth. Airtime can still succeed but it needs more substance.