Adobe buys Auditude reportedly for over $100 million

Adobe Systems has acquired Palo Alto, Calif.-based Auditude, the two companies jointly announced Monday. While the two companies didn’t disclose terms of the deal, our sources close familiar with the deal put the value of the acquisition value at around $100 million.

Auditude Signs MTV, MySpace To Monetize Pirated Video

Remember when we gave you the scoop on that startup Auditude that’s trying to turn pirated TV clips into gold? Well, tonight it’s announcing that it’s signed its first TV network and video portal partners: MTV Networks and MySpace, respectively. Those are pretty significant pickups, considering that MTVN is owned by Viacom (s VIA), which is suing YouTube for pirated clips of programs like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and MySpace is the second-largest U.S. video site.
Auditude’s system offers a significant opportunity to grow the overall potential of online video revenue. Here’s what happens today: Even if networks upload a official versions of their shows to the web, user uploads of the same bits will often get significantly more views because they get embedded in the right place, or they have more commonly searched keywords, or they isolate a particularly funny moment. So networks, in order to preserve the integrity of their own, pristine version, send out takedown notices and end up cutting out some of the most popular ways to view their own content. All those views, and the potential for revenue from them, go out the window.
New initiatives like YouTube’s Video ID aim to capitalize on that missed opportunity by allowing copyright holders to advertise against user uploads of their content. Read More about Auditude Signs MTV, MySpace To Monetize Pirated Video

YouTube Recommends Nexicon to Content Providers

Nexicon (s NXCO) announced this week it has partnered with YouTube to offer copyright management tools to content providers. Basically, content owners can hire Nexicon to monitor videos that get flagged by YouTube’s Video ID video fingerprinting system, and Nexicon will help decide whether to have the video removed or to claim it and place advertising against it.