Hands-on video: The Xbox One as a media device

The Xbox One promises to combine state-of-the-art video gaming with live TV and streaming apps. Check out or hands-on video for a closer look at the device’s entertainment offerings.

Taking the game out of game consoles

Like Microsoft, Sony has also reportedly developed a sophisticated UI that integrates linear and on-demand channels into a single app for seamless discovery and switching. But the two console makers’ approach to linear TV integration differ in other important respects, however, that could go a long way toward shaping the future competitive landscape of the console business.

Microsoft remembers it’s in the games business

Console gaming remains an intensely competitive business. And if you lose that competition, it won’t matter how well your console is designed to tap into other businesses. If gamers don’t buy it you can’t sell them non-gaming services.

With PlayStation 4, Sony seeks to balance past and future

The steps Sony has taken to take cost and development time out of the PlayStation 4 are not without a price of their own. And the trade-offs involved speak directly to Sony’s high-stakes effort to balance the game industry’s past and future.