Hands-on video: The Xbox One as a media device

The Xbox One promises to combine state-of-the-art video gaming with live TV and streaming apps. Check out or hands-on video for a closer look at the device’s entertainment offerings.

TwitchTV launches an iPhone app for gaming fans on the go

TwitchTV has introduced a new way for video gaming fans to watch live streams of matches on the go, with the launch of an iPhone app. The app gives users HD video as well as the ability to follow favorite channels and chat with other fans.

Zynga grabs mobile developer Astro Ape Studios

Zynga is expanding its mobile ambitions by apparently picking up New York City-based developer Astro Ape Studios. The gaming powerhouse, which is preparing to go public, has been increasingly looking to shore up its mobile efforts, which has not be as successful as its Facebook business.

Subscription gaming service GameTanium launches on Android

Exent is launching the first subscription mobile gaming service for Android called GameTanium Mobile, which allows users to gain Netflix-style all-you-can eat access to more than 75 games for $4.99 a month. It’s another sign that gaming on Android is improving.

Video gamers: the secret stars of live streaming

Forget live music: One of the hottest trends in live streaming is competitive gaming, also known as e-sports. Gaming competitions attract hundreds of thousands of simultaneous viewers, and the events are streamed online by a number of sites that specifically cater to gamers and their fans.