Vimeo partners with Atlantic, CBS to take paid videos everywhere

IAC-owned video service Vimeo took the next step for its Vimeo On Demand platform Thursday: Vimeo’s paid videos are now available on the websites of partners, including The Atlantic, CBS Interactive and The Enthusiast Network. Partners will sell Vimeo videos on their site and in turn get a cut of each sale.

[company]Vimeo[/company] launched its Vimeo on Demand program close to two years ago, and now distributes more than 50,000 titles through it. Consumers can either rent a title for up to 72 hours, or buy it as a DRM-free download. Up until now, Vimeo’s paid titles were only aggregated on the site itself, but anyone could embed single titles anywhere.

With the launch of the Vimeo on Demand publisher network, consumers will also be able to find and purchase curated catalogs of titles directly on The Atlantic’s website, as well as on the CBS interactive sites, and Metacritic and on websites run by the Enthusiast Network, which include GrindTV and TransWorld Skateboarding.

However, Vimeo on Demand isn’t the only service trying to cater to indie filmmakers. BitTorrent recently introduced a paywall for its BitTorrent Bundles, and VHX just raised another $5 million for its self-distribution platform.

This post was updated at 8:47am to clarify the relationship between Vimeo and its partners.

What does Google Fiber mean for the future of TV?

Google has filed applications for a satellite farm and a video franchise license, suggesting it’s serious about rolling out pay TV services in its fiber-to-the-home markets. But what’s that mean for the future of TV, as Google attacks that market? raises $12M, changes name to… Blip? has raised another $12 million in funding and debt and changed its name to Blip, dropping the .tv top level domain from the company logo. Why the change? So viewers won’t confuse the content with things that are made for TV.

Brightcove’s IPO: What you need to know

Brightcove just reiterated its desire to go public with an amended SEC filing. The company could raise as much as $59 million as it sells 5 million shares, but its filing also reveals that making money with online video is really, really hard.

With 100m uniques, Taboola adds live video discovery

Video discovery startup Taboola has been growing fast, adding top publishing partners like The Washington Post, as well as expanding into the live streaming video vertical. Those new partners have helped drive growth for Taboola, which now reaches more than 100 million uniques a month.

Showyou’s latest update adds more ways to discover videos

The latest version of Showyou includes new ways to navigate content by category or by the social network that they’re pulled in from, as well as a way for users to search and see all content curated by hashtag on Showyou and via Twitter.

YouTube & its content discovery paradox

YouTube is making a massive investment in original programming. But as it increases the value of the content being produced and uploaded, it needs to get better about helping viewers find it. To do that, YouTube will need to step beyond search tackle the discovery challenge.

Klip adds private video sharing with Circles

Mobile video startup Klip will now let its users share their videos with just a select group of friends and family. The app maker has enabled this with the rollout of “Circles,” which is what it calls the private groups that users can set up.

YouTube could introduce a subscription service of its own

While much of YouTube’s monetization efforts have been based on advertising, CEO Salar Kamangar said the company could potentially create a service that could enable content providers to create their own subscription-based video offerings on the YouTube platform.

Vimeo’s massive redesign puts videos front and center

Vimeo has redesigned its website, with a much larger player and multiple features aimed at improving navigation and discovery. Built with its user base in mind, the new Vimeo has less clutter and is a lot faster when it comes to loading pages and finding videos.