Video chat startup Lutebox dumps plan A, goes shopping

What do you do when Google and Sean Parker kill your idea? Change direction. That’s what Ali Ahmed and his videochat startup Lutebox have done, switching from the idea of helping people chat about premium videos to focusing on social shopping.

SightSpeed VideoChat Comes to Linux, Netbooks

SightSpeed, a Berkeley, Calif.-based Internet video chat & conferencing company is going to announce a Linux-version of its video chat service sometime later this week. The Linux-app is going to help target the fast growing netbooks (others call them mini-notebooks) category.

Movie Clips on Skype? Sure, Why Not?

eBay and by proxy Skype wants to do just more than IM and voice chats. And that is why they’re pushing the service, and its clients, into new directions — from telepresence to video to whatever they can think of next. (My inner skeptic says they have to keep that user base growing in order to spin out or sell Skype.)

According to NewTeeVee, Skype today signed a new deal with San Francisco-based Jaman that “will let Skype users insert film clips into their conversations to share with friends. The new service will be available on Skype over the coming months.”

The way it’s supposed to work is this: Read More about Movie Clips on Skype? Sure, Why Not?