Managed vs. Unmanaged Content

Broadcast, cable and satellite, YouTube, iTunes and Fancast. What’s working, what’s not, and who’s got indigestion.

  • Moderator: Mugs Buckley, TDG
  • Karin Gilford, SVP Comcast Interactive Media: Manages Fancast, the online video-streaming site.
  • Ben Ling, YouTube: We want people to watch YouTube on-demand in any place.
  • Jeff Meyer, Scripps Networks: Oversee any revenue generation, interactive experience for our content, from VOD to online ads. Owning the rights give us the ability to do what we want with the content.
  • Hardie Tankersley, FOX Broadcasting: Work on online content for the broadcast network (The Simpsons, House). We’re trying to figure out, what does it mean to be a broadcast company in an online world? We also creating content around our shows and monetize that content.
  • Greg Douglass, Accenture: Work with people to figure out online video, also own two online video and music distribution companies.
  • Mugs: What can’t I see online from Fox?
    Hardie: You can’t see anything with lots of music content just because we can’t get the rights. We think that anything freely available over the air should be freely available online.
    Mugs: Why no Mad Men or Project Runway online? Read More about Managed vs. Unmanaged Content

    Namaste, Moto! Indian TV Guy Wants Your Handset Business

    Indian electronics maker Videocon has designs on Motorola’s ailing handset division, according to news reports. Videocon Chairman Venugopal Dhoot says he’s heard that the U.S. mobile giant is going to put its wireless handset business up for sale, and if that happens, his company — well-known for making budget televisions and appliances — wants to buy it.

    He wouldn’t be the first Indian industrialist with global ambitions. More recently, Tata bought out Ford Motors’ Jaguar and Land Rover business for $2.3 billion. Tata and its local rival Reliance have been on a buying binge for a while now, but buying a branded mobile phone maker would be a first for either of them. Read More about Namaste, Moto! Indian TV Guy Wants Your Handset Business