How connected devices will disrupt the TV ad market

Linear TV still rules the ad market, with $160 billion spent worldwide last year. But a growing number of connected TVs will soon disrupt the TV ad market, by combining reach with all the interactivity, targeting and analytics advertisers expect from web video ads.

Videoplaza Adds Titus To Its Board

Videoplaza, the Stockholm-based online video ad-serving technology company, is adding former Associated Northcliffe Digital CEO Richard Titu…

Euro Ad Firm VideoPlaza Receives $5M in Funding

Ad serving technology firm Videoplaza announced today that it has raised a €3.5 million ($5 million) financing round led by Nordic venture capital firms Creandum and Northzone. The company, which focuses on helping major media companies in Europe to monetize content on their web sites with video ads, has developed a platform called Monetizer, enabling publishers to manage, track, and set rules around how ads are served across different media properties.

Videoplaza already claims customers in eight European countries, having just brought on a publisher in Russia to expand into that market. Its business is particularly strong in the Nordic states, where the company serves ads for five of the top eight broadcasters, CEO Sorosh Tavakoli said in a phone interview. It also has a presence in the U.K. and France, and is looking to expand further into Western Europe, including Germany, Spain and Italy.

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Videoplaza Rolls its Eyes at Pre-Rolls (but Still Serves Them)

videoplazaIt’s about this time of year in Sweden when the days get longer — a lot longer since it is so far north. Too bad the folks at startup Videoplaza will miss most of that sunshine, since they appear to be spending all their time working. The small, Stockholm-based company creates ad server technology and has implemented two video ad innovations it says lets publishers better monetize time rather than just views.

Videoplaza CEO Sorosh Tavakoli told us that when he started the company 18 months ago, he and his team hated pre-rolls and were looking for a way to replace them. But the company held sobering talks with content publishers who, Tavakoli said, told his team “to stop reading the blogs — we need pre-rolls.” (We’re sure they meant stop reading all the blogs except NewTeeVee.)

Faced with that staunch reliance on pre-rolls, Videoplaza set out to try to at least make the format more palatable. Two problems the company identified with pre-rolls were the fact that they just disappeared once the pre-roll ran, and that viewers were seeing the same pre-roll too often. In response, the team implemented the iRoll and frequency capping.

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