Karina’s Capsule: Jake & Julia

For her day job, sex columnist/Gawker punching bag/celebrity commentator Julia Allison goes on cable news shows and assesses the behavior of people like Britney Spears by offering pithy diagnoses along the lines of, “Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got the paps?” She — or someone — records those segments by pointing a camera at the television, then uploads the recordings to Vimeo, the video-sharing site founded by Jakob Lodwick, who happens to be Allison’s sometime boyfriend. A few weeks ago, Lodwick and Allison broke up and then got back together — both via blog post. Since their reconciliation, Allison has been using the same Vimeo account to display (generally PG-rated) videos of the couple…being a couple.

I pretty much missed the boat on Allison’s rise to Internet infamy, and I was content with that. But then, last week, I saw this:

Jake & Julia: Monday evening communication breakdown from Julia Allison on Vimeo.
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