In India, times they are a’ changing

Its not quite often that I get moved by a post. However, this one very succinctly captures the slow but confident pace of technological metamorphosis of India.

I’m talking about getting technology to the people, the people who really sweat, who really bleed, who really work. People who crave to do something better with their lives, not for their own sake, but for their children. People who see a better future in their kids than they can ever hope to have for themselves. People who know that the project they are involved in will never be complete in their lifetimes, who’s results will be judged by future generations, and despite all that, still put in more than the get out of it. That is what moves me. Life building upon life. Innovation builing upon innovation. The future is not out there, it’s in here. In life, in hopes, in dreams.

Optical Solutions rides the FTTH bandwagon

With all the hoopla around Fiber-to-the-premises, it is no surprise that Optical Solutions got another $15 million in funding from a sundry of investors including Cisco Systems. Established in 1994, OSI has raised a total of whopping $143 million to date, but it has products ready for the market, so it is not a big surprise that previous investors ponied up additional dollars for the company.