Is HR behind the curve on virtual work?

Among cutting-edge companies the realities of virtual teams may be fairly old news, but according to several recent articles, the same isn’t true for many mainstream HR departments who are badly behind when it comes to grappling with the implications of widespread remote work.

How to use crowdsourcing techniques in your virtual team

A challenge of managing a virtual team is getting timely and thorough participation from team members. One way to ensure everyone has their say — or is at least given the opportunity to provide input — is to apply some principles of crowdsourcing to internal team communications.

10 Tips for Learning How to Run a Virtual Team

Working with virtual staff members can take some getting used to. Just like other management skills, it takes practice; working with virtual staff is not a skill you pick up overnight. But there are some steps you can take to make the process a little easier:

Training a Distributed Team

Training timelines seem to grow by leaps and bounds whenever there’s a little distance between the trainer and the trainees. When you’re working with a virtual team you can’t let the fact that you don’t see every member of your team in person slow you down.

Don’t Forget to Thank Remote Team Members

Too often, out of sight can mean out of mind when you have team members spread out in various offices around the world. Even those of us with the best intentions sometimes forget to thank people or recognize them for doing great work.

How to Build Stronger Connections With Your Team

It can be hard to feel connected and on the same page with employees and team members, especially when working remotely. By finding ways to relate to the people on your team, you can improve communications, build better connections and create an even stronger organization.

6 Tips for Keeping Your Remote Team Motivated & Happy

In last week’s post, I wrote about what it takes to become a virtual CEO, after speaking with Chris Ducker of Virtual Business Lifestyle. During our conversation, Ducker also shared his tips for keeping a virtual team happy and motivated.

6 Things to Consider Before Taking Your Company Virtual

Is it really possible to take a company from a physical location to a virtual space, and take a team used to face-to-face work entirely online? Here’s a breakdown of some of the things to consider before making the leap to the cloud.