Tales from the Trenches: Fred’s Appliance

Virtual working is only for professions with digital deliverables, right? Designers, coders and writers may be the first people who come to mind, but if you imagine companies that deal in the physical can’t benefit from going virtual, you haven’t talked to Fred’s Appliance.

Canadian managers still skeptical of remote work

Microsoft Canada’s latest Flexible Working report shows that despite a steady drumbeat of studies validating the idea that telecommuting improves productivity, Canadian managers are still much more skeptical of the practice than their employees, holding back uptake of remote work.

Workers to pollsters: Widespread remote work is imminent

Findings from a new survey that confirm earlier polls showing workers are willing to sacrifice money or vacation time to work remotely may not be shocking, but other revelations about how soon employees expect their offices to go fully virtual may surprise skeptics.

Is the Traditional Office Becoming Extinct?

like the dinosaurs, which scientists tell us live on as chickens, the office building of the past is unlikely to become completely extinct, but rather to evolve to meet the demands of new kinds of workers. So what will this new paradigm look like?

Are You Cut Out for Virtual Work?

Do you have what it takes to be a virtual worker? In Hiring Web Workers: Is Personality as Important as Skills?, Jessica emphasized that personality plays an even bigger role in virtual work success than hard skills. So what does this mean for you?

6 Things to Consider Before Taking Your Company Virtual

Is it really possible to take a company from a physical location to a virtual space, and take a team used to face-to-face work entirely online? Here’s a breakdown of some of the things to consider before making the leap to the cloud.