Google wants to show the world how sexy cluster management really is

A partnership between Google and Mesosphere further’s Google’s strategy to sell the world on its way of automating applications and resources. Cluster management is important — even sexy when wrapped in the lore of Google or Facebook — and now Google claims it’s easier than ever.

Why Google is sowing the seeds of container-based computing

Google open sourced a Docker-centric tool called Kubernetes that lets its cloud computing customers automate their resource management similar to how Google does it internally. It’s part of a sustained approach to prove Google’s chops as a cloud provider by pushing its vision of computing.

Why the operating system still (kind of) matters

Canonical founder and space traveler Mark Shuttleworth came on the Structure Show this week to discuss Ubuntu’s role as the operating system of choice for cloud computing. As OpenStack takes precedence over the operating system, he argues, Red Hat’s licensing can’t last.