NSA taps credit card transaction data, report claims


The NSA may have found a way to monitor some credit card transactions, according to a Snowden-derived report from Germany’s Der Spiegel. The agency said in leaked documents that it found a way to access Visa transactions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, but the financial services company denies the tapping of its networks. The report highlights an NSA financial database called Tracfin, into which SWIFT international transfer information also flows through the interception of “SWIFT printer traffic from numerous banks.”

Visa launches V.me digital wallet beta with Buy.com

While credit card rival MasterCard announced its own digital wallet platform, Visa has some news of its own. It’s launching the first beta of its wallet service V.me with online retailer Buy.com as it prepares to go public with the its payment product.

MasterCard expands PayPass wallet service into a platform

MasterCard is expanding its mobile payment service PayPass into a larger platform called PayPass Wallet Services that will enable PayPal-like online payments and will include APIs for developers to integrate their payment apps and services with PayPass.

Visa’s V.me digital wallet set to debut this fall in Europe

V.me, Visa’s digital wallet competitor to PayPal, is scheduled to debut this fall in the UK, France and Spain. It will be an online payment service at first but the bigger plan is to make it an in-store tool for transactions using NFC.