Vid-Biz: RealNetworks, mSpot, Vivox

RealNetworks Offers New Way To Mass Produce Mobile Video Apps; the company is rolling out a new mobile video service that will help entertainment and wireless companies tap into consumers’ increasing demand for watching video on the go. (paidContent)

mSpot’s Mobile Movie Streaming Service Expands to the Web; mobile entertainment startup is extending its Mobile Movies site, which will let users stream full-length movies on their mobile phones, to the web, allowing users to enjoy mSpot’s online streaming movie service on your computer. (TechCrunch)

Vivox Lets You Drop Voice Chat Into Any Social Media App; the startup is announcing the Social Voice Partner Program, which makes it easy for developers to integrate voice into any social media application with a small amount of effort. (VentureBeat)

Panasonic Is Winning the First Round of the 3DTV Wars; the CE manufacturer’s 3DTVs have already sold out at Best Buy, despite having launched as recently as March 10. (Ars Technica)

ViaClix Joins Rush To Get Online Video to TV; the startup offers a home router, called TV-Link, that sends Internet content directly to televisions via WiFi for viewing. (Fierce Online Video)

Dish Files Countersuit Against DirecTV Over HD Claims; the slugfest between DirecTV and Dish Network over marketing claims continued, as Dish filed a countersuit charging the larger operator with falsely advertising its HD services. (Multichannel News)

Will Facebook Help Social Gaming Find Its Voice?

Last week, when I read the news about Vivox’s voice plug-in coming to Facebook, it got me thinking about what the integration of voice capabilities into general-purpose, consumer facing social networks would mean. Like most people, my initial reaction is to cringe. You can’t blame me for feeling that way, especially if you’ve experienced the interruption of Facebook Chat messages from random connections popping up willy-nilly during work hours. That said, when I get past my anti-social tendencies and think of the potential that voice adds to the social network and its associated apps, I can’t help but think this may be, well, game-changing.