VLC gets new version across all platforms, including Android TV

The popular open source video player app VLC got updated across all of its platforms Friday, including iOS, Android, Windows phone and RT as well as all desktop versions. VLC also for the first time released a beta version for Android TV, which could help make personal media playback on that new platform more effortless.

It’s the first time VLC has released new versions across all of its platforms, and updates include better support for newer video codecs like H.265 and VP9 as well as updated interfaces for Android and iOS.

One feature will especially help mobile users: VLC now automatically detects videos that have been recorded with an upright phone — you know, those clips that tend to get played back sideways — and rotates them using hardware acceleration.

I previewed VLC for Android TV a couple of weeks ago. Have a look:


First look video: VLC is coming to Android TV

The popular media player app VLC is coming to Android TV: VLC developers have released a preview version that already looks pretty neat — here’s a first look.


Show notes for this episode:

Is VLC on Android TV a game changer, or just a nice add-on? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

VLC for iOS gets a new UI, Dropbox, Google Drive support, and more

The team behind the open source video player VLC released an updated iOS version through the iTunes app store on Monday that brings an iOS 7-optimized look to the app. The new version 2.2 also includes a number of new features, including support for streaming media directly from Dropbox or Google (S GOOG) Drive, multi-touch gestures and improved UPnP support, which should make the app a better companion for network-attached storage drives. As always, VLC is free and ad-free.

VLC gets updated with 4K support, new mobile versions

The popular open source video player app VLC got a significant update Wednesday: VLC 2.1 features support for 4K video, completely revamped audio playback and video hardware decoding, which should make video playback especially on mobile devices a lot smoother. Speaking of which: The new version also comes with new apps for OS X and Android, as well as a partial Windows 8 and WinRT port for all those folks out there who don’t know what else to do with their Surface RT.

VideoLAN to go after copycat VLC for Android apps

Users that search for VLC on the Android Market get to see a whole bunch of apps that kind of look like the popular open-source video player, despite the fact that VLC for Android hasn’t been released yet. The foundation behind VLC wants to change that.

VLC For Android: Mobile Video Player Coming in April?

VLC’s developers are busy working on an Android implementation of the popular open source video player, which could be released as early as next month. Next up will be a tablet-specific version of VLC, which could run on devices like Motorola’s Xoom with Android 3.0.

VLC for Android Coming Soon

Get ready for a VLC app for your Android mobile phone. The team behind the open source media player project has been busy hacking away on an Android port, and it recently had a breakthrough that allowed to overcome one major obstacle and actually play video.

VLC on Thin Ice at the App Store?

VLC Developer Rémi Denis-Courmont recently sent Apple “a formal notice of copyright infringement” concerning the VLC Media Player iOS application. The app’s distribution in the App Store is in violation of the terms and conditions of its General Public License, and it may be pulled soon.