A New Hope: VLC Is in the App Store

Apple’s iOS devices only play specially encoded .m4v, .mp4 and .mov files natively. VLC plays just about any video format, including .mkv, .avi, and .mpeg’s. VLC is a great tool for Macs, but does the just-released iPad version provide a new hope for iOS devices?

The NewTeeVee Guide to Playing WebM Video

Google open sourced its WebM video format in May, and more and more applications as well as video vendors are starting to support the new format. However, how do you actually play back WebM videos? This handy little guide tells you all you need to know.

FFmpeg Goes WebM, Enabling VP8 for Boxee & Co.

FFmpeg released a new version 0.6 with support for Google’s open source WebM video codec this week. FFmpeg is a suite of tools and libraries that is an important backbone of many well-known video players, transcoding applications and even TV platforms like Boxee, VLC and MPlayer.

New VLC Version Supports WebM, H.264 Hardware Decoding

Want to play videos encoded with WebM, the new video format that Google open sourced at its developers conference last week? Well, look no further: The new version of VLC supports WebM playback. Another feature included in the new release is hardware decoding for H.264 videos.

VLC for Mac Resting on Shaky Ground

The very capable, and conversion-headache-preventing (HUH?), open-source VLC player is one of the very first things I install on any new Mac, after Firefox. If you’re playing anything that isn’t a straightforward .AVI file, and especially if you want to play the notoriously tricky .MKV format, VideoLAN’s multiplatform player is an absolute necessity. Sadly, it might not be around for much longer.

VLC’s OS X incarnation is in danger, according to VideoLAN, due to a lack of developers working on the project. Right now, the total number of active devs on the OS X port of the software is exactly zero, which is threatening official support of the software beyond version 1.1.0. VLC’s current version on the Mac is 1.0.3. Read More about VLC for Mac Resting on Shaky Ground

VLC: An Excellent Media Player (Finally) Turns 1.0.0

vlc_media_playerThere’s nothing worse than a video player that won’t play all of your video files. That’s why I’ve long been a fan of the free VLC media player: It plays back just about every kind of file you can throw at it. And, finally, several years after the first version was released, VLC media player is now available in version 1.0.0. If you’ve never used VLC, now is the time to start.

VLC media player is an open-source application from VideoLAN that runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. (For a full list of supported OSes, see VideoLAN’s site.) You may not think you need an application to play back videos, with so much browser-based content available these days, but downloading VLC is a no-brainer if you want to watch any kind of offline content, whether that’s stuff you download (legally, ahem, or not) or even DVDs you pop into your computer.

Read More about VLC: An Excellent Media Player (Finally) Turns 1.0.0

VLC 1.0 Goldeneye Released

VLC Icon

VLC media player, an open-source application from the VideoLAN project, finally reached version 1.0 today. The software had its original start back in 1996 as a school project from engineering students at the Ecole Centrale Paris (though it wasn’t released as an open source project until 2001).

Through many point releases before today, VLC has continued to expand its capabilities, offering support for HD codecs, a diverse set of file formats, live recording, AirTunes streaming and more. Read More about VLC 1.0 Goldeneye Released

Vid-Biz: GRP, Metranome, Cable Cos

Mindshare Pushes Gross Ratings Point Standard for Web Video; developed with YuMe, the metric allows ad buyers to more directly compare effectiveness of TV and and broadband buys. (Ad Age)
Metranome Launches White Label Product for Mobile Video; Poptiq Powered lets content owners create applications around their brands; 60Frames and DadLabs have signed on. (release)
Cable Companies Working on New Content Delivery Methods; would allow for easier transport of video beyond the TV to other devices in the house and could turn your cable system into a mini on-demand video Internet. (Bits Blog)
Hallmark Channel, USC Teaming Up For Lifestage Study; research will look at how content and media devices are used as people move from one stage of their lives to the next (i.e. from student to worker, from single to married, etc.). (Multichannel News)
Behind the Scenes at a Netflix Distribution Center; a neat photo gallery showing how all those red envelopes get stuffed and sent out to you. (Boston.com)
FUNimation to Stream Toei Anime Online; subtitled versions of classic cartoons such as Fist of the North Star and Captain Harlock to appear on the site. (Variety)
VLC Looking for Mac OS X Developers; popular open-source media player project suffering from a lack of active Mac programmers; those interested should get in touch with the team. (OStatic)