Sharing private videos? Give Givit a chance

Get ready for yet another video-sharing app. But this one has a twist: unlike like Socialcam or others, Givit, which is available on the web and now on the iPhone, is designed to limit the number of viewers who can watch the videos you upload.

Socialcam hits 2M downloads, adds filters to video sharing app

Before today, Socialcam was already the leading video sharing application available for the iPhone. But it’s getting even better with a pretty fantastic update to its app that adds filters, and will let users add a little color to their videos.

Klip is ready to take on Socialcam for mobile video sharing

The latest mobile video sharing app, called Klip, aims to separate itself from the crowd with high-speed adaptive bit-rate technology enabling users to scroll through videos and a new tagging system that lets them set categories to keep track of when new videos are uploaded.

Instagram wannabes…

Vlix, a mobile video sharing app that adds Instagram-like filters is joining a long line of start-ups and apps that are trying to do precisely the same thing. To bad, none of these apps aping Instagram know what really matters to the app users.

Why set Socialcam free

Socialcam was always a departure from’s live streaming business. After all, Socialcam is all about capturing videos and sharing them with friends later. Still, it was surprising to learn that the Socialcam app would be spinning out of and going it alone.

Tout goes beyond the iPhone with webcam video sharing

Social video service Tout is taking a big step to broadening usage, with new capabilities that will allow users to share moments with friends even if they don’t have its iPhone app. It’s also improved communications between users, with the ability to reply to friends’ videos.

Socialcam hits 1M downloads, makes it easier to find friends’s Socialcam has notched a million downloads on the Apple App Store. But it isn’t stopping there — recent releases are aimed at making it easier for users to login, find friends within the app and share videos to even more possible distribution points.

Vibop: Shoot, edit and share videos on the iPhone

The latest mobile app to enter the social-video-sharing fray is Vibop, which makes it drop-dead simple to polish your videos and add effects before sharing them with friends. The app is free to download and plans to make money by selling effects in-app.

Vloggo joins the social video sharing fray

Social video sharing is all the rage these days, with a number of mobile apps aiming to make it easier for users to record and share short videos online. Vloggo is the latest to enter the market, with an easy-to-use app for sharing 60-second videos.