James Cromwell film will debut on BitTorrent

File sharers can download a spy thriller with a cast including Six Feet Under actor James Cromwell this Friday, thanks to a collaboration between the film makers and P2P distribution platform VODO. The site is asking for donations to bring the movie to theaters.

Horror Movie Debuts on BitTorrent and TV Simultaneously

Movies often show up on torrent sites as soon as they see the day of light. In the case of the new horror flick The Tunnel, this was done on purpose: The film makers are using BitTorrent as a way to raise money and awareness.

Pioneer One Trailblazes a New Path to TVs

Distributed directly to torrent sites, the fan-funded sci-fi series Pioneer One has won awards, contended with guilds and, so far, been viewed over two million times. With the second episode set to launch in December, the big question becomes: Is this model sustainable?

Broadcaster Releases Movie via BitTorrent As It Airs On TV

How about this for day-and-date: The Dutch documentary California Dreaming will be available legally, for free, via BitTorrent today while it airs on TV. The movie is released by VODO.net and licensed under a Creative Commons license that even allows viewers and downloaders to remix it.

5 Questions With…VODO Founder Jamie King

By partnering with creators like The Yes Men, VODO founder Jamie King has had real success using BitTorrent as a legal distribution platform. Today, King discusses online privacy and how Vodo plans to turn fan donations into a sustainable support system for creators.

Yes Men Make $11,000 on First Weekend of P2P Release

It’s only been four days since the Yes Men released their latest feature film The Yes Men Change The World on file sharing networks, but viewers have already donated over $11,000 and counting. This early success is making the duo rethink TV and theater distribution models.

No Joke: The Yes Men Give Away Their Latest Movie via BitTorrent

The Yes Men have made fun of everyone from Haliburton to Dow Chemical, but they’re taking BitTorrent serious. The prankster duo is using file sharing and the P2P distribution platform VODO.net to release their latest movie for free, hoping that donations will enable future pranks.

Original Series Pioneer One Debuts Directly To P2P Networks

On Wednesday, the first episode of Pioneer One debuted as a free torrent, and the sci-fi pilot, distributed by the VODO platform and promoted by a conglomerate of P2P services, is proving there may be a market for independently-produced and P2P-distributed content.

Vid-Biz: NHL, Hulu, Rovi

NHL.com Benches Inaugural Video Player In Favor Of Sleeker, More Social Model; the NHL VideoCenter is a less-cluttered, higher quality, more social contender with expanded content. (paidContent)

Search Captions on Hulu; new Hulu Labs projects searches captions for hundreds of TV shows. (Hulu Blog)

Rovi Works Web Angle; the company formerly known as Macrovision wants to provide cablecos with an interactive program guide that will include videos from YouTube and Myspace. (Multichannel News)

The Lionshare, Tracking Torrents and A Girl; the film distribution platform VODO presents its latest release, which centers around a fictitious BitTorrent site called “the Lionshare.” (TorrentFreak)

TVMAX to Launch Evolution Digital’s TiVo HD DVR Offering; Houston-based cableco will use TiVo DVRs instead of tru2way for VOD, enhanced cable services. (ITVT.com)

PBS Signs Up For Nielsen Ratings; broadcaster wants sponsors to know how popular Antique Roadshow really is. (TV by the numbers)

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Announces Two Blu-Ray Packaging Innovations; starting next year, all Warner Bros. Blu-rays will come with a standard DVD version as well as a digital copy. Blu-ray double-feature will sell for $25. (press release)

BBC to allow internet through TV; BBC trust expected to approve set top box-based Project Canvas this week. (The Telegraph)

NBC.com Ranks #1 Among Competitive Broadcast Network Web Sites For November 2009; network boasts 8.9 million unique visitors spending a total of 142 million minutes on its web site. (emailed release)

VODO Embraces BitTorrent to Distribute Movies, Compensate Filmmakers

vodo_lrgUK-based P2P video platform VODO published its second feature film on dozens of file-sharing sites Thursday, hoping that worldwide exposure will bring in donations, subscriptions and traditional distribution deals. David Miller’s documentary In Guantanamo, which is the result of a press tour of the controversial detention facility, has been downloaded around 15,000 times within the first 24 hours, according toVODO founder Jamie King.
The site’s first feature, Us Now, got downloaded around 250,000 times since its release in mid-October. Part of the volume is due to VODO’s relationships with a number of well-known BitTorrrent sites, with Isohunt and The Pirate Bay currently featuring In Guantanamo on their front pages. VODO hasn’t been quite as successful in making money from these downloads, but King hopes that a combination of one-off donations and a subscription level for documentary geeks and movie buffs will help eventually make the site sustainable and provide an additional revenue stream for filmmakers.
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