Your next Kindle could be embedded in your car

Amazon is officially part of the connected car, having launched its first app, Cloud Player, on Ford’s Sync platform. It’s next app should be obvious. Amazon already has the technology to integrate the Kindle into the dashboard.

T-Mobile’s Genius voice-command button just got a lot smarter

T-Mobile is giving its rather pathetic MyTouch voice-command feature a much-needed overhaul. It’s incorporating the same semantic-search technology Nuance uses in Dragon Go into Genius, allowing the voice assistant to search over 200 different content providers and understand intent rather than just words.

Nuance takes Siri down to the app level with new voice assistant

Nuance is offering up a new SDK that will allow big consumer-facing companies to embed virtual voice assistants directly into their mobile apps. Called Nina, the software is intended to cut through app clutter and allow customers to accomplish complex transactions through simple speech commands

BMW taps Nuance for in-car speech recognition

BMW will be the first the automaker to incorporate Nuance Communications’ new voice command and control platform into its dashboards. The German car manufacturer said today it is using Nuance’s Dragon Drive voice messaging technology in its luxury and compact sedans.

Is Ford facing off against Apple over the connected car?

A lot of automakers are lining up to support Apple’s new Siri Eyes Free technology, but Ford, the most aggressive company in the connected-car space, isn’t joining the queue. A platform war over the connected-car interface might be in the making.