Apple’s next iPhone is all ears

The next iPhone’s biggest difference, according to an extensive profile by 9to5Mac, may not be any hardware feature. Instead, the Siri-based “Assistant” system-wide software coud steal the show. Assistant could make talking to your phone as natural as touchscreen based controls are now.

Nuance CTO: Speech tech will be mobile tech

Speech technology is poised to be a game-changer for smartphones, especially as they get embedded into operating systems and hardware. Nuance CTO Vlad Sejnoha said speech is transforming from an alternative to text input into a powerful tool that can connect users more quickly to information.

Dragon Go app gets smart with voice search

Nuance’s new Dragon Go app dives deeper into voice activated searches by pulling up websites and apps that complete a user’s query. It’s part of the natural evolution of voice technology, which is making the move from just recognizing a user’s words to completing actions.

Voice Recognition Is the Future, and SoundHound Wants to Power It

Even under the best of circumstances– standing desks, ergonomic keyboards, customized chairs– typing can be a major pain. Voice recognition technology startup SoundHound hopes to eventually be a part of the solution by allowing people to simply talk to our computers rather than type.

Nuance Brags Amid Talk of Apple Deal

Nuance announced Wednesday that it has already signed on 2,500 devs to its Mobile Developer Program in its first 90 days. Dozens of voice-enabled apps have already been created through the program. Nuance announced this milestone amid rumors of ongoing strategic partnership talks with Apple.

Google Translate Is Where Speech Meets the Cloud

Google announced today that it is releasing an alpha version of its Google Translate conversations mode, a promising technology that allows two people to speak in different languages into a phone and have their words translated in near real time.

Google Voice Search Brings Personalized Cloud Conversations

Google is working to improve its Android Voice Search product by adding a new personalized recognition option, which should improve voice transcription over time. But more importantly, it also provides a glimpse at how how we’ll end up interacting with increasingly personal cloud services.

Microsoft Claims its Place in a Voice-Enabled World [Video]

Ilya Bukshteyn, senior director of marketing for Microsoft’s speech business, explains how voice control is an integral part of the interfaces for both Xbox Kinect and Windows Phone 7 and how it will increasingly be a consistent experience across many of Microsoft’s products.

Vlingo Adds Voice Check-ins to Foursquare

Vlingo today added voice support to Foursquare on Android handsets, allowing Foursquare users to check in, find friends and send shouts through speech-to-text. Vlingo users can also update their social status in both Facebook and Twitter by using the Vlingo widget and speaking their update.