Today in Social

Google held a press conference today where it announced a handful of search user interface features. Google is adapting some mobile features for desktop search. It is leveraging Goggles infrastructure to enable users to drag and drop an image into the search box, and enabling voice search. It’s also doing predictive pre-rendering of pages during the 15 seconds it takes most searchers to view and choose a result. That makes clicking through to many results nearly instantaneous. All this is dependent on Chrome, though Google says other browsers can use its source code. Google had nothing new on social search. On the privacy front, the Instant Page prediction doesn’t depend on being logged in, images are anonymized, and there’s no facial recognition going on. Google is not doing instant pages for ad results. When asked how the new features make Google more money, the company said they were primarily to encourage search engine loyalty, though it has found that reducing search time results in increased search volume. Here’s Danny Sullivan’s live blog of the event.