VIDEO: Volvo Cranks Up C30 Electric

Volvo has started producing its all-electric C30, and will start shipping cars to fleets (mostly under leases) in Europe by the Summer. Watch our video test drive of the C30 Electric and our interview with Volvo’s President of Special Vehicles.

Volvo’s Electric Car the C30 Hits the Road

Volvo’s all-electric vehicle, the C30, has been hitting the streets of California this week, under going test drives during the LA Auto Show, and being tested in fleets in California starting next week.

10 Green Cars To Watch For At the LA Auto Show

The city that’s so defined by its car culture, traffic and massive freeways, is hosting a major auto show this week: the LA Auto Show. Here’s 10 green cars to watch for outta the show this week.

Crossing Diesels with Plug-In Hybrids: Good or Bad Idea?

Volvo V70_PHEV_dieselDiesels and hybrid-electric cars have often been posed as competitors racing to capture the green-automotive market. Diesels are more popular in Europe, while hybrids are more popular in the United States. Both have their advantages and disadvantages: diesels can get impressive fuel economy without complicated drivetrains (providing a cost advantage over hybrids today), while plug-in hybrids bundled with a renewable energy-powered grid can be even cleaner.

But now, it looks like these competitors are coming together. Volvo Car Corp. announced Friday that it plans to bring a diesel plug-in hybrid to the market by 2012. The news comes after Peugeot earlier this month unveiled a diesel PHEV minicar that it plans to bring to the market next year, and BMW also showed off a sporty diesel PHEV concept car at the Frankfurt auto show. While companies have been tinkering with the concept for some time, it looks like diesel PHEVs are finally starting to gain some traction.
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Have Verizon Data Plan, Will Travel With AD3700 Global Modem

verizon-ad3700The Verizon MiFi may be handling all my mobile data connections, but that’s because I’m not roaming globally. I’m stuck in North America with my MiFi and business travelers need more than that. That’s why Verizon (s vz) is releasing the ZTE AD3700 global modem, which works on both Verizon’s domestic EVDO network and also on HSPA networks abroad. The USB modem launches today for $80 with a rebate.
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Daily Sprout

Bob Lutz is Back, Now What?: In bringing Bob Lutz back into the company (his retirement was announced a few months ago), General Motors (s GM) seems to be hoping Lutz will “be able to tap the same formidable skills he used to accelerate the development of the Volt to figure out how to sell a $40,000 vehicle to cash-strapped consumers still skittish about American cars.” — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Magna, A123 Batteries in Volvo Hybrids: Magna Steyr, an operating unit of Magna International, will produce lithium-ion battery systems with cells from startup A123Systems for hybrid city buses, heavy-duty distribution vehicles and refuse trucks from Volvo. — Green Car Congress

Biofuels to Help Clean Up Chernobyl: Belarus, the country affected by much of the fallout from the Chernobly nuclear disaster, plans to use biofuel crops to suck up the radioactive strontium and caesium and make the soil fit to grow food again within decades rather than centuries. — New Scientist via TNR’s The Vine

Buffett-Backed BYD Wants a Bus Maker: Chinese battery and electric car maker BYD Auto is seeking to buy a bus making company in Hunan, central China, in an effort to increase its production capacity for alternative fuel vehicles. — Reuters

T. Boone’s Green Cloak: T. Boone Pickens stands to gain from the natural gas vehicle legislation unveiled in the Senate this week, but “wrapped in the cloak of environmentalism, suddenly T. Boone’s business maneuvers” make him look like a world-saver. — Business Insider